Yachiho Kogen Ski Resort

Yachiho Kogen Ski ResortImage

Beautiful silvery white birch and Japanese larch
A ski resort close to white birch groves, which are said to be the most beautiful in Japan.
You can enjoy it from children to adults!
The altitude of the highest point in the field is 1,830M, and it boasts the highest snow quality in Shinshu and Kita Yatsugatake! !

Paid service

Video paid service (Download shooting video) Credit card payment * Cashless payment *
300 JPY ×

* Please check "Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law" for the payment service brands that can be used.

Camera installation location

  • 4th course


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    4th courseImage

    The most popular course with the same slope for long and perfect for repetitive practice. Park items are also installed at the bottom. SAVREQ's automatic shooting service can be used by beginners to advanced basic practice, as well as freestylers who use the park!

    After shooting, you can view the video on the touch panel display installed in the center house! You can check the video on the spot without registering! Please come to the center house after shooting! !

  • winter sports park


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    winter sports parkImage

    Installation location: 3rd and 4th course confluence Distance: 200m
    A fun ride park with a bank, item, and air platform created in collaboration with Winter Sports on one line.