Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort

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Anyway, it's big! wide! 175ha big slope
A total of 60 courses with abundant variations!
You can choose your favorite slope regardless of age or gender!

Paid service

Video paid service (Download shooting video) Credit card payment * Cashless payment *
500 JPY

* Please check "Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law" for the payment service brands that can be used.

Camera installation location

  • Urataro Sea Hail

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    Urataro Sea HailImage

    [Start position] Immediately below the stage 1 lift landing!

    Urataro Sea Heil is popular among technically oriented skiers and snowboarders, as it is also a certification barn for 1st and 2nd grade badge tests. Check your form with SAVREQ and aim for further level up! The shooting start position is on the lift side slightly down from the summit. Check out the SAVREQ start sign! !

  • Maybe Urataro

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    Maybe UrataroImage

    We will offer SAVREQ for a limited time to the Super Racer (Pole Barn where you can measure the time) of the Urataro Kamoshika course! The service is scheduled to start in mid-January. Please look forward to it! !

    Anyone can use the super racer for 100 yen per ride. Please use all means! !

  • Tengu Slope

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    Tengu SlopeImage

    We offer SAVREQ at the popular Tengu Slope for intermediate and advanced skiers! The exhilarating feeling of skiing down in one fell swoop while gazing at the spectacular views of Mt. Shia and Mt. Check out the SAVREQ logo that you can see from the lift!

    *The start position of SAVREQ shooting on the Tengu Slope is subject to change. Please check the latest information before using.

Schools where lessons are available