How to use the start gate

■Preparation from a few days before use to the last minute

1. Tap "Reserve start gate" under "Facilities provided" - "Camera installation location" in the menu.
2. Issuance of start gate usage number on the scheduled date of use

★One Point!
 It is also possible to issue it on the same day at the slopes.
 Issued by reading the QR code or NFC tag on the guidance display at the starting point You can display the screen.

■At the start position

1. Numeric keypad on start device, StartEnter your gate number
2. Kick the lever to start shooting!

 < span style="font-variant:normal">The actual equipment installation situation may differ from the image< span style="font-weight:normal">.


■After shooting< /p>

1. Video is Automatically register to My Page
2. My Page
3. You can generate zoom-up videos and purchase videos

★One Point!
 You must log in to SAVREQ before starting automatic registration of My Page.
We recommend logging in before riding the lift!

 There is a limit to the number of times zoom-up video generation can be performed per day.
 Depending on usage conditions, video generation processing may take some time.
 If you purchase a video, your viewing period will be extended and you will be able to download it.