Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort

Nozawa Onsen Ski ResortImage

The longest running distance is 10,000m! Altitude difference 1,085m! Maximum slope 39 °!
Slope course 36 & Snow Park!
You can glide to G.W with 100% natural snow!

Paid service

Video paid service (Download shooting video) Credit card payment * Cashless payment *
500 JPY

* Please check "Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law" for the payment service brands that can be used.

Camera installation location

  • Hikage slope

    Go to the shooting
    Hikage slopeImage

    [Start position] Look for the SAVREQ sign next to the torii gate! !

    Offer SAVREQ at Hikage Slope's Toriishita course! Even beginners can enjoy shooting with peace of mind on the vast medium-gentle slopes! Please experience the next-generation automatic shooting service "SAVREQ" equipped with automatic tracking function by AI! The shooting start position is next to the torii, and the start sign is a landmark! Aim for the triple lift platform heading for Nagasaka!

  • Hikage Summer Slope

    Under maintenance
    Hikage Summer SlopeImage

    From July 15, 2023, we will start offering SAVREQ for the summer slopes!

    Next-generation snow mats laid along the Hikage Four Lift PIS LAB (Pis Lab) specification summer slopes are exhilarating as if you were gliding on real snow even in summer! If you check your skiing with SAVREQ on the summer slopes, you will definitely improve your level!

  • Kokenashi Slope

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    Kokenashi SlopeImage

    [Start position] Skyline connecting pair summit

    From this season, SAVREQ can also be used on Kokenashi slopes.
    The slopes are medium-steep and have excellent snow quality, making them ideal for training.
    Please take a picture of the scene where powder snow rolls up and slides in the frost-covered trees! !

    There is a sign on the trunk of the tree on the right side after getting off the skyline connecting pair lift, so please check it out!