Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort

Nozawa Onsen Ski ResortImage

The longest running distance is 10,000m! Altitude difference 1,085m! Maximum slope 39 °!
Slope course 36 & Snow Park!
You can glide to G.W with 100% natural snow!

Paid service

Video paid service (Download shooting video) Credit card payment * Cashless payment *
300 JPY

* Please check "Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law" for the payment service brands that can be used.

Camera installation location

  • Hikage slope


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    Hikage slopeImage

    [Start position] Look for the SAVREQ sign next to the torii gate! !

    Offer SAVREQ at Hikage Slope's Toriishita course! Even beginners can enjoy shooting with peace of mind on the vast medium-gentle slopes! Please experience the next-generation automatic shooting service "SAVREQ" equipped with automatic tracking function by AI! The shooting start position is next to the torii, and the start sign is a landmark! Aim for the triple lift platform heading for Nagasaka!

  • Kokenashi Slope


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    Kokenashi SlopeImage

    [Start position] Skyline connecting pair summit

    From this season, SAVREQ can also be used on Kokenashi slopes.
    The slopes are medium-steep and have excellent snow quality, making them ideal for training.
    Please take a picture of the scene where powder snow rolls up and slides in the frost-covered trees! !

    There is a sign on the trunk of the tree on the right side after getting off the skyline connecting pair lift, so please check it out!

Schools where lessons are available