How to use SAVREQ


■Preparation before use


1. First,Login screen< /u>Tap "First time users" in

2. Register your email address and complete registration from the received registration email

3. Log in to SAVREQ from your smartphone browser!


★One Point ! 

✔ Before using Please read the terms and conditions.

✔ If you do not receive the registration email, please check your spam email settings.

  Registered email sending address:
























■At the start position


1. Enable your device's GPS and increase media volume

2. Scan the QR code at the starting point to access the shooting screen

3. Set the shooting seconds and timer (countdown seconds)

4. Tap the shooting button! Shooting starts with an audio signal!


★One Point ! 

 The shooting screen , Facility page.

 If the shooting screen does not work properly,Provided facility page.

✔ Bookmark the shooting screen. It is convenient to keep it.

✔ Other people around you Let's aim to take pictures when there are no people around!

✔ The timing wasn't right If so, you can cancel the shooting.



■When the shooting is finished


1. Tap the "Watch Video" button to play the video

2. Check if you can shoot at the right time

3. Tap the "Generate zoom-up video" button

4. Check the automatically tracked zoom-up video

5. Purchase and save your favorite videos


★One Point ! 
✔  Zoom-up videos are generated by AI automatically recognizing people near the starting position.

✔ If there are other people near the start position, generating the zoom-up video may fail.

✔ Zoom-up video generation , there is a limit to the number of times it can be executed per day.

✔ Depending on usage conditions, The video generation process may take some time.

✔ When you purchase a video, The viewing period has been extended and downloads are now available.




■Let's take an online lesson!


1. Tap the "Take Online Lesson" button on the playback screen

2. Select the instructor you want to receive advice

3. Enter the points you want to learn and apply for a lesson

4. Receive advice from the instructor!


★One Point!   
✔ To take the lesson, use a video that has successfully generated a zoom-up video.

✔ Online lesson service is This is a separately paid service.

✔ Depending on the shooting location, We may not offer online lessons.

✔ How long does it take to receive advice? , depending on the school offering it.