You are logged out on the shooting screen [For iPhone users]

2024/01/05 (fri)

*If you are using an iPhone, we recommend using Safari.  

If you log in with a browser other than Safari, an event will occur due to logout on the shooting burn confirmation screen. Masu.  

If you shoot without logging in, the shot video will not be automatically registered to My Page, and the shot video will not be automatically registered to My Page. Something happens that cannot be seen.  


To check your login status, if the person mark is displayed as shown in the image below, you can log in. I am.


1. User registration procedure 

① Start Safari and search for [SAVREQ] or [SAVREQ] 

②Tap [User registration now] 

③Enter [new registration email address] 

④An [SAVREQ] new user registration email will be sent to the registered email address.  

⑤Tap the [New User Registration URL] link in the email body to complete the registration.  


2. Shooting procedure 

① While logged in to the SAVREQ site in Safari, read the QR code or NFC tag on the start signboard.  

②The shooting screen will be displayed, and you can set the recording seconds and timer.  

Recording seconds setting (seconds) 15 seconds to 45 seconds 

Timer setting (seconds) 0 seconds to 20 seconds 

③Tap [Start shooting], prepare for skating, and skate according to the "start" timer.  


Please enjoy SAVREQ! !